Kiersten Kaye


I created this site so that I would have a place to share the things I care about professionally and personally.

I have worked in all facets of Talent for over 20 years … attraction, development, measured performance, engagement and retention. People (and, consequently their issues and problems) fascinate me. I am a people engineer. I will share relevant news and articles. I welcome conversation.

After spending years understanding communication and negotiation, I learned about mediation. Helping others clarify their wants and needs and find their path to a mutually-satisfying agreement feels like a new gift to me every time. I will ponder and question the ways in which we can serve others that is more helpful and more dignified.

I am an adventurer and see it as my life’s goal to do as much as possible in my time here. I enjoy playing in nature. I love to travel … see new things, meet new people, taste new foods, experience new cultures. There are a few causes that are close to my heart. I will endeavor to journal some thoughts and experiences.